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Caroline Cain

Caroline Cain (BA, BSoR) Holistic Reflexologist and soon-to-be Naturopathic Nutritionist. Passionate user of nature's gifts, whole and raw foods and positive lifestyle choices.
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Blending Business, Babies + Beaches: Caroline Cain & Victoria Player (Google Hangout)

  Find out exactly what it takes to travel and work from anywhere with your business and your family! Come Hangout with me, Caroline Cain,...

Abundance Mindset Training (free resource list included)

Look, as solopreneurs we all have times when we doubt, when we look down the the length of a long, dark tunnel and just don’t feel like turning...

Hear from 8 Location Independent Business Owning Mums (virtual event)

Once you’ve got that itch to move abroad or travel for months at a time it’s not going to go away. Ignoring it for practical reasons isn’t going...

The One Reason Your Manifesting Isn’t Working (video)

You’re sitting on your cushion, you’re visualising, meditating, you’re wishing and wanting, I mean reaaallly really wanting. So why isn’t it...

Is Your Business Making You Boring? (video)

When you really look at it, I mean really honestly, do you talk about freedom this and freedom that in your business but really you’re just an...

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