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Caroline A.

I am a busy mother, teacher, wife and friend who recently turned 30 and has decided to dedicate this new stage of life to healthy living. I have started blogging to hold myself accountable and to share my journey with other. I have been working hard at a fitness plan and at eating as 'clean' as... Full Bio
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A health and fitness check in

It’s been a good week. Kiddos mostly sleeping through the night, mama and daddy getting to the gym each day, healthy eating had by all. We...

I, baaaaaack..I think. New Year’s resolution maybe?

I HAD a decent amount of followers here…now probably not so much. I am sorry about that but I am hoping to make a come back. Where...

Not so much resolutions..but this girl has got goals

Happy New Year! wasssup 2013. As usual I am up too early. We hung out with some fellow couple friends last night. it was a kiddo friendly...

What this teacher wants parents to know…

  I am taking off my mommy hat for a second. My kiddos are all still pretty little and I fully accept and acknowledge the fact that I...

Somethings got to give…

I will be amazed if anyone reads this after the super long break I took from the blogging world. Honestly, my only excuse is that...

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