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I'm a business owner helping families connect with Senior Services through-out the U.S. I know what it's like to be a family caregiver living at a distance from my elder parents. I helped them through the aging process. It was tough on us since I lived 125 miles away from them. I developed... Full Bio
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Jul 07 2008 by Carol ..

Thank you for visiting my profile.  Please see About me to learn about my background and why I offer help to families and seniors! When you have a chance, take a look at my growing blog on Senior Services Savings. It's designed to help you save money on home care services.  With the price of gas and food these days, we all need help with savings.

Also check out my blog on - it's called the WorkingCaregiver blog! How original.. ha! I try to make it very useful, giving tips and expert advice from senior service providers through out the U.S.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you when seeking senior care services for your mom, dad, grandparents, aging relative... I have six years experience helping my mom and dad. My mom had CHF and my dad died of Alzheimer's disease.  But he was 89 and lived a long, good life. My mom passed before him which I believe made him very lonely..

It was sad to experience it all... they, our parents, deserve the best. Thank you for visiting and contact me at

My best,

Carol Marak


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