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I coach Diet Victims to lose weight and keep it off by following a nutritious diet along with a... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
I can certainly understand why you are frustrated, it seems as though you are doing... more
Oct 05 2011 4:44pm
First, you have to figure out if you are really hungry or are you just thirsty, they... more
Sep 26 2011 9:14pm
Was this lump there before or did it just appear or does it appear every time you walk?... more
May 23 2011 6:54pm
Hi Dr. Wurtman, and I directed them to your answer. more
May 23 2011 4:59pm
This question was asked in another discussion and the answer that the doctor gave was no.  more
May 23 2011 4:58pm
It's not necessary to have a gym to lose weight but you do need these 3 things: 1.... more
May 23 2011 4:45pm
Congratuations on attacking 2 key areas in weight loss, portion size and the... more
May 26 2010 3:46am
A good pairing would be chest and back, biceps and triceps, core (upper abs, lower abs... more
May 26 2010 3:34am
May 21 2010 1:16pm
Kudos to you for starting to do strength training, it is so important, especially for... more
May 26 2010 3:32am
I agree with pushups. They are a marvelous excercise because they target the muscles in... more
May 26 2010 3:11am