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Friends Without the Usual Benefits

I am a great proponent of male-female platonic relationships. Why? Because of the benefits and the benefits I amspeaking of do not include...

Failed Relationship = Gift

No matterhow badly or sadly a relationship ended, there is always something you can learn from the experience.  Whatever you learned is your...

Deer Hunting & Relationships

I just received my August  2007 issue ofEssence Magazineand let me tell ya – ladies you have got to read this issue! Movie director,  producer and...

Relationship Tips

5 Things to Remember About Relationships: If it hurts, it isn't love. You cannot change another person. Abuse always...

Relationships at Work – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Okay, my plan was to write an article weighing the pros and cons of dating a colleague – a co-worker. Well, politicians have managed to take this...
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