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Helping the "Tomorrow Me"

It's a concept that I frequently use, and yet, I didn't know the official name until I saw it mentioned yesterday on Facebook.  Helping...

Adulthood - Overrated or Underappreciated?

Sooooo, I was reading Facebook, like I do 394757383 times a day - it's the curse of working online in Social Media, your Facebook is open all...


I have spent most of the past few days wrestling with alligators (real or imagined, only you can decide), picking my battles, and suiting up...


One of the very great things about my two middles (as opposed to the shorties and the biggies - I have names for the pairings of my kids, and...

Social Cues are Not Always Social

So, I read The Rosie Project.  Not surprisingly, I loved it.  But I loved it for the same reasons that most of you did - it was a...

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