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Arlington, Virginia
Hi! I'm Carly! I'm a newbie runner living and working in the DC area. I blog about fitness, running, and keeping training FUN.
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Divine Intervention

Lately, I’ve been running less because I’ve been having a problem with my sciatic nerve causing some leg pain and foot numbness.  After...

You’re Totally Stupid If You Disagree

This is a totally serious post.  And that was one of the most sarcastic things I’ve ever said. There are some days where I both love and...

Fitness Lately

Oh this blog.  I’ve been doing a pretty okay job of exercising lately but I have had a hard time finding things to write about because it’s...

That Time A Total Creeper Commented on All of My Posts

So it’s been awhile since my last post.  Normally I wouldn’t mention it but it’s kind of a weird story and those are my jam.  Right after my...

Vacation and Everything After

I’m back from vacation and it feels both really sad and really good. We had so much fun in the Dominican Republic. I’m so thankful that Tropical...

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