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Hi! I'm the "Singing Patient." I'm a comedian/ songwriter who happens to have a diagnosis of a chronic illness. I am doing better than most fo the folks I know with this illness, and I attribute it to various forms of alternative medicine, refusing to be a victim, and keeping a sense of... Full Bio
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Homeopathic remedies and elective dental surgery

Day 46: had a fab fab fab time playing comedy concert at UU Aiken! Then got back to my sister's house, hungry. After-show hungry, which can...

Day 45: Still going strong!

Week 7, day 3 ( day 15 of "2nd 30 days," aka day 45) At the end of my first 30 days (oct 24), I set some goals for my 2nd 30 days: • 1-2...


Sleep! What could be more important to your health than good, deep sleep? Lately, I find that one day a week, my body just demands that I...

Kraftie truck challenge

Week 6, day 7! Guess that makes this 7 weeks. Today's challenge? The kraftie truck. I worked as a background actor ("extra") for the tv show...

Worn out!

Week six, Day six: I fell asleep recording the previous post. I will try not to do that again right now. It's been a very busy few days. Wore...

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Jan 23 2010 by brendasop
I appreciate your blog.  I'm on cellcept also,and the way you explain things makes much more sense than trying to translate from the Rheumatologist.   I like the way you provide options to shedding stress too. 
Dec 09 2008 by Pam R.


I am so glad you are blogging about this disease, with humor no less. I just love it! As a Lupus patient since I was 19 with subsequent kidney failure, dialysis and now a kidney transplant last year all before the age of 36.Finding someone who has had the same experiences with the general population is funny too. I've had people I have told about it freak out when I explained it to them. They then think they have it too or that they can "catch" it from me...bla bla bla....

Keep on blogging!


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