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I joined Weight Watchers

ok so Ihave joined wieght watchers- 9 more weeks to go- my goal is to lose 20% of my wieght- which is not much- but they want you lose to quickly- i...

I found a Exercise

I have a exercise I like- I have started walking around the lake or the E Village at lunch time with a freind- we usually walk for abput 45 minutes...

Quit smoking progress

I did not make it to my 1st quit day of feb 25, my next tartget date is March 25. My renovations were delayed- so I guess there was no hurry to...
Carla G.'s Whiteboard
Mar 17 2008 by Kathleen D.
What a good idea -- tie in a personal health improvement goal with a home improvement goal AND deadline. All the best, Carla!
Dec 30 2007 by Kristen D.
How's it going Carla?!
Dec 29 2007 by Mia L.
Go Carla! Good Luck, you can do it!!!