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Moved. Moving. In transit. Adjusting.

And exploring if you REALLY CAN go home again . The post appeared first on .

It’s time for coffee-maker eggs.

LOOK! Packing happened! I move tomorrow .  Pots, pans, dishes—everything kitchen is packed.  This necessitates returning to my...

#1 reason I love Oakland, California: The PEOPLE.

my fave Oakland street sign. I’m moving in TWO days (!).  As a result I wanted to share the Top Five Reasons I Love Oakland,...

The #2 way living in Oakland changed my life.

These five posts are quintessential Old School Blogging .  They are crammed with the minutia of my life .  Stuffed with thoughts which...

#3 reason MOST people love Oakland.

These are quintessential Old School Blogging posts.  Filled with minutia of my life .  Crammed with thoughts which only matter to...
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