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Sharon, I would affirm CK's statement. Go see a doctor and also have them do a strep... more
Oct 03 2013 11:52pm
Mar 18 2012 7:13pm
Feb 24 2012 2:20pm
Thank you for your help he now has an appointment with a specialist who will hopefully... more
Feb 28 2012 5:45pm
Dear Nat, You could check the pill identifier program at The page is at... more
Feb 25 2012 9:41pm
i agree, but sometimes a tissue/towel isn't available,so then you can use the back of... more
Oct 03 2013 11:55pm
Hi Jennifer, Lasix is used by doctors to treat fluid retention in people with... more
Sep 01 2011 2:32pm
Jul 20 2011 8:53am
  Here are some tips on starting a support group: 1.    Do some online... more
Jul 20 2011 4:10pm
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