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10 Ways to Improve Dementia Care and Quality of Life by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert The Alzheimer's Reading Room offers an extensive knowledge base, and provides information that focuses on improving the quality of life for caregivers and those afflicted wi ... Read on »
Alcohol Consumption, Smoking, Obesity and Diabetes Associated with Alzheimer's Dementia by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert The findings suggest that in patients age 50 and older, diminished volumes in the hippocampus may be early risk indicators for Alzheimer's, dementia, and brain damage. ... Read on »
We will remember you by Brenda Avadian Patient ExpertFacebook When incurable illness strikes or we reach a certain age, many of us begin to wonder about our legacies. What has been my contribution to the world? Will peopl ... Read on »
Should I Buy Long-Term Care Insurance? by Eva Z. Facebook Article Source: Max Gottlieb is the content manager of Senior Planning in Phoenix, Arizona. Senior Planning gives free assistance to seniors and their families, helping th ... Read on »
Price of Namenda Drops by 96 Percent (Generic) by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert The price of Memantine the generic form of the best selling Alzheimer's drug Namenda has fallen in price by 96 percent and is now available in pharmacies. Alzheimer's Re ... Read on »
Is Lying To Someone With Dementia Better Than Being Truthful? by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert How you reply and what you say to someone with dementia varies with the circumstances. But a patient demeanor, soft voice and a smile can maintain the calm atmosphere that’s ... Read on »
Dementia Care and End of Life Issues by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Caregivers are often unaware that resources are available to provide comfort, and to help each person afflicted with Alzheimer's to end their life with dignity. Despite ... Read on »
Dotty Still a Role Model for the Alzheimer's and Dementia Community Worldwide by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert "You talk too much -- instead of talking try taking my hand and leading the way. I need a guide not a person to nag me all the time." Should I be surprised? I am. This ... Read on »
When Dementia Care is "Good Enough" by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert As caregivers we make every effort to do right by our loved ones afflicted with dementia. Yesterday I reread an article by Pamela R Kelly that reminded me that when we th ... Read on »
Shocking Findings Further Prove the Need For Effective Alzheimer’s Treatment by Eva Z. Facebook We have long known that Alzheimer’s is on the rise. Each year, it affects more and more individuals both directly and indirectly. Today, there are approximately 5.3 millio ... Read on »