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Your High School Senior Was Rejected By Colleges?

Posted May 07 2010 11:41am

If you have a high school senior aspiring to go to college in Fall 2010, you know that May 1 was the deadline to notify schools of the final choice. The difficult decision is over and your teen is now focusing on just one school.

But, what if your student was wait-listed  or rejected by his/her college choices?

There is still a chance to get into college for the Fall. The National Association of College Admission Counseling has published a survey of colleges that still have space available for freshmen and transfer students.

The Space Available Survey lists over 200 US colleges and universities that can still accommodate students. Many of them still have some financial aid available.

If your son or daughter is fretting because the only choice is hoping that he or she will make it off of a waiting list into a college classroom this Fall, check out the colleges on this list.  There are some great state schools like University of Arizona as well as many private colleges like Drexel University.

In addition to the liberal arts colleges, the list includes several arts colleges and a number of tech schools. So if your teen is set on a career in design or engineering, these schools are a really possibility.

Be sure your student inquires about financial aid availability before applying if you need it. As you can see from the chart, some schools still have money available but that is subject to change.

The college counselor at your high school may be able to offer help in selecting schools from the list that meet your student’s goals. Take advantage of any online resources that are available like the College Board to apply right away.

Students who attend a second or third choice school often return home after the first semester happy with their college lives. Your son or daughter can be one of them.

Don’t delay!

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