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Writing Tip - Kids Write About Birds

Posted May 13 2009 10:37pm

In Bird Watching with Youngsters, I discussed birds and in another post, Keeping a Bird Watching Journal.  One of the journal activities I mentioned was writing a story or poem about the birds you and your youngsters see.  You/they may want to read some bird stories or poetry first to get an idea of the type of writing you’d like to do.



*Poetry - Your poem can be of any type, rhyming or free verse, about one bird or the numbers of birds you see around your home or on a trip.

*Nature Story - I often wrote these for children’s magazines.  I researched the characteristics and habits of a bird, trying to find something unique about each one.  Then I wrote about it, trying to make it interesting for others to read.

*Fiction Story - Can you think of a fiction story that involves a bird in the plot.  I wrote one about my daughter, when she was small, trying to help a bird build its nest.  She learned the bird only wanted something it has made, but it would use some of the materials she put out.

What would you and your youngsters like to write about birds?

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Post from: Blisstree

Writing Tip - Kids Write About Birds

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