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Where To Get Assistive Devices for People with Hearing Loss?

Posted Oct 18 2010 10:01pm
Dad took a certain perverse pride in being hard of hearing.

A gift for Grandpa

Sometimes it allowed him to talk about what caused his hearing loss—his years of quality control work in incredibly noisy machine shops in the days before OSHA mandated hearing protection. At other times, it was a convenient way to tune out of a boring conversation. But, often he was frustrated and isolated because he couldn’t hear normal conversations.

His second wife convinced him to get hearing aids but he rarely wore them once they divorced. He told me that he had thrown them out, but I found them in a box as I was clearing out his apartment the final time. I think he just forgot where he put them.

On one of my visits, we managed to find a large button phone with an amplifier in the handset.  It made our regular phone conversations much more pleasant. Dad could hear me and I didn’t have to shout. The local stores did not have much of a selection of assistive devices. I felt luck we found the phone we did.

Recently, I found a terrific resource for phones and other assistive devices for the hearing impaired:  WCI, Weitbrecht Communications, Inc. The company is based in Santa Monica, CA and has a wide selection of phones and other assistive devices to help those with hearing loss.

In addition to a selection of phones with captions, there are wireless alert systems that flash a light when the phone or doorbell ring, the TV ears that you see advertised on TV and even portable amplifiers to carry with you.

These would make great gifts for a loved one. You can order online and have your device delivered anytime.

Do you know someone who is missing out because of hearing loss?

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