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Where do caregivers that deal with teeenagers becoming paralyzed go for support in Roseville, CALIFORNIA?

Posted by suzette d.

I need a support group.  I am trying to be a decent mother to my 17 year-old daughter who is a C5, C6 ASIA B.  We live in Roseville, California

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Hi Suzette D,

I am sorry to hear about your daughter. Caring for someone who is disabled is stressful.

Here is the link to Support Groups in California for spinal cord injuries. It looks like there is a group in Placerville and one in Sacramento. There is also one at UC Davis but that may be too far from you.

The website - - has  a lot of resources that may be helpful, too.

As caregivers, we are so involved in helping our loved one that we sometimes neglect our own needs. Make sure to make time for yourself. Ask for help from friends and family if you need it.

Best to you!



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