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What rights do I have allowing my caregiver to live in my apartment

Posted by GladysB

I have a 2 bedroom apartment (and pay $1700 a month). I will be responsible for the rent.
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Hi GladysB,

Do you have a written lease agreement? What does it say about additional people living in the apartment?

Depending on where you live and what your agreement says, your landlord may be allowed to increase your rent for an additional person living with you on a permanent basis.

Most lease agreements allow the tenant to have guests visit for short periods of time without an additional charge. But, it sounds like your caregiver will be staying permanently.

Talk with your landlord about needing to have a caregiver.  Perhaps you can work something out.

Also, make sure you have a written agreement with your caregiver that spells out exactly how much she is getting paid. It may be a combination of room (rent) and board (food) in addition to hourly wages.

You may want to consult an attorney or an in-home care agency about hiring a caregiver so that all of the worker rules for your state are met. (Each state is a bit different.)

Best to you!

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