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What is the best way to deal with highly unstable blood pressure that has occurred after a stroke?

Posted by aebwxc

My father at the age of 50 recently suffered from a stroke less than three months ago due to an occlusion in the left vetebral artery. Since then, he has had issues maintaining a stable blood pressure. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for how we might help him stabilize and maintain a healthy blood pressure to ensure no further health complications. 
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Hi aebwxc,

It is great that you want to help your father. While I can't address his specific concerns, The Mayo Clinic (

recommends exercise like walking, reducing stress, reducing the amount of sodium in your diet, reducing the alcohol in your diet, and adding more potassium in your diet by eating more fruits and vegetables. 

If your father smokes, now is the time to stop. Next to stop is the junk food, especially fried or fatty meats and foods. Fast food favorites need to go right now. Fish is is good to eat just not fried.

Drinking plenty of fresh water throughout the day is important instead if caffeine drinks like coffee and soda. And if your father needs to lose some weight, a recent study has shown that middle agers who drink two glasses of water before meals lose more weight than those who don't drink water. 

I know this is a long list. But, if your father starts with one--like walks daily--and adds another new habit each week, soon he will have a much healthier lifestyle which will pay dividends.

Best to you,

CK Wilde 


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