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what can I do to get him better?

Posted by Sharron M. Facebook

My boyfriend has been sick for a week.  He can't keep anything down, has a coating on the roof of his mouth, white lines at the back of his throat.  No fever or diarrhea.  i took him to the hospital last night, they took his temp and BP and told him they didn't know what the problem was and he has a cavity, so he should see his dentist (all this for $200.00).  They ran no tests, no bloodwork did not give IV fluids, even though he is visibly dehydrated.  He lost at least 10 pounds.   I don't know what to do so I've been having him rinse his mouth with a 50/50 solution of peroxide and water. 
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Dear Sharron M.

It is not possible to tell you exactly what is wrong with your boyfriend. Only a competent health care professional can do that.

But a quick search in Google brought up an called Candida or Thrush. This fungus normally lives in the human body but our immune system keeps it from getting out of hand.

In adults, candida can be a problem for someone with diabetes or a weakened immune system. Even stress can depress the immune system and bring it on.

So it is important that your boyfriend get to a doctor to run tests to see if he has candida and any other problem like diabetes. 

In our family, we use a teaspoon of salt in a cup (8 oz) of water t rinse out the mouth when we have sores or sore throat.  We do this 2 to 3 times a day. This was recommended by our doctor.

Plain yogurt with active cultures can help to bring the digestive system back into balance. The active cultures are called probiotics and work in our digestive system to fight off bad bacteria and fungus.

There is a drink used for children who are dehydrated called Pedialyte. It is available in most pharmacies. If you can find the one without sugar, that would help with dehydration. He might need to sip small amounts with a straw at first.

Hope this helps!

CK Wilde



Sharon, I would affirm CK's statement. Go see a doctor and also have them do a strep test as strep causes nausea as well.
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