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what can cause swelling, pain and bruising inside a 3 years ear

Posted by hmwilson

his ear is swell, red, he says at is hurting when someone touches it, and inside his ear is bruising, what can cause this
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A three year old actively explores his world. That can lead to falls and accidents.

Have you been to your pediatrician? The doctor can give you more information about the type of injury if your little one can't tell you.

Possible causes:

Falling against a hard piece of furniture, or hitting himself with a hard toy while trying to manipulate it in some way. At three, a child is still learning to judge distances and escape gravity.

Three year olds can't control themselves emotionally so they can get into squabbles with siblings or other playmates.

Was he playing with another child? Did he get hit with a hard toy because he and the other child were in a tug of war over it?

I watched a three year old do just that at a friend's party recently. The three year old wanted a toy that another child had. The two boys got into a tug of war. The older boy let go so that momentum caused the three year old to fall on the carpet.

What can you do to prevent future injuries? 

Change or cover the furniture if he bumped his head against something hard. Don't let your child play alone unattended. At three, a child needs an adult present all the time, especially when other children are playing nearby.

Hope your child is healing!

Best to you,

CK Wilde



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