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Warning: Five Deadly Baby Products to Avoid

Posted Apr 30 2009 1:35pm

Consumer Reports is warning new parents not to buy some commonly used baby gear because of the risk of serious injury or death. Here is a list of products the organization suggests you avoid:

The Infantino Infant Sling Carrier was recalled in 2007 after 10 babies were injured.

The Infantino Infant Sling Carrier was recalled in 2007 after 10 babies were injured.

1. Sling carriers. These popular and convenient innovations have become nightmares for some new parents. In the past five years, at least four babies have died and many more have suffered serious injuries from slings. Most injuries occurred when baby fell out of the sling and sustained skull fractures, head injuries, contusions and abrasions. Currently, no safety standards exist for slings, so Consumer Reports recommends avoiding them all together.

2. Bedside and co-sleeping devices. Parents are repeatedly warned about the possible smothering dangers associated with sleeping with your infant. Co-sleepers, which attach to the side of the parents’ bed, have offered a safer alternative however Consumer Reports warns that these devices offer false security. One popular co-sleeper, Simplicity bedside sleeper/bassinet, was recalled after two babies slipped through an opening in the frame and died from strangulation or suffocation.

3. Baby bath seats.Consumer Reports urges new parents to forgo these items because while they are intended to hold baby upright in the tub, they give parents a false sense of security. Baby may appear to be secure but when left unattended, even momentarily, he can slip into the water and drown. Each year, an average of 10 babies drown while using these seats, which is why Consumer Reports says its bet to use and infant bathtub instead and to never leave your baby during bath time, even for a second.

4. Sleep positioners. These devices keep baby flat on his back or side throughout the night, but Consumer Reports says the positioners are unnecessary because small infants are not able to roll over on their own anyway. Left in the crib, these items pose a suffocation hazard.

5. Crib bumper pads. Bumper pads are more decorative than useful. Designed to be a buffer between baby’s tender head and the crib rails, the pads actually do more harm than good, studies show. Babies can become wedged between the bumper and another object and cause the baby to suffocate. One study found 27 cases of infant death involving bumper pads or padded bassinets.

Photo,Infantino Sling Rider – recalled

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Warning: Five Deadly Baby Products to Avoid

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