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The method of choosing mbt shoes

Posted Nov 24 2010 8:51am

special foot-shaped with special MBT   insole .general foot shape is easier to buy MBT shoes, but some people's feet are flat feet or high arches, so  these people who buy MBT walking shoes and shoe soles must be careful
  How do you know your own foot shape? Here is a simple test: make the feet wet,   print on flimsy paper. If feet are flat, soles of the feet inside the arch   curvature is small, standing close to the ground almost the entire foot. by   contrast, High arches who arch curvature is too high, hard close to the ground.   Flat feet that should choose shoes with arch pad, and then are susceptible to   plantar fasciitis; high arches that should be used softer cushion insoles to   reduce shock on the foot injury.

Buy the way, the maintenance of mbt skechers   shoes is also important. Use the shoe polish.   Simple elimination instep's dust then spreads evenly this liquid shoe polish in   the MBT shoes dermis black. This section of shoe polish's formula can restore   shoes' luster, and after having done, immediately presents luminously, does not   need extra polishing. Prevent water seepage,   exposure, and roasted; washed, avoid direct sunlight. Note specifically   dedicated to shoes, indoor shoes should not be strenuous exercise outdoors. And the cleaning can not   use bleach. Do not dry in the sun after the brush, placed in the shade and   natural air-dry in case of fade.
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