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THANKSGIVING past and present with a twist

Posted Nov 22 2013 9:33am

Avadian_Removing Turkey from Deep Fryer_2012 It’s less than a week before Thanksgiving.

I love the Thanksgiving holiday because we focus on giving thanks. Although, Christmas decorations are creeping into stores and XM satellite radio is already playing Christmas music on Channel 17, I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Here in the U.S., we celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November, less than a week away.

Thanksgiving traces its roots to the celebration at Plymouth (Massachusetts) where Pilgrims gathered to feast on the bounty of a fall harvest. Except the bounty was likely a scrawny wild turkey cooked over a fire. And before too much credit goes to the European immigrants, American Indians gathered to celebrate as did the English and Spanish, according to historical records. So, Thanksgiving is not an entirely American tradition after all.

Have you planned how you’ll spend Thanksgiving Day?

Many Americans continue the tradition with a stuffed turkey as the centerpiece of the traditional Thanksgiving holiday meal. It’s a day when we express gratitude for the good in our lives. Today, only the U.S. President is denied a turkey, after he symbolically pardons a live bird presented to the White House.

A mischievous part of me wonders: What if America’s President didn’t pardon the bird?

My Fellow Americans and the farmers who raised the turkeys presented to the White House over the years,

While former U.S. Presidents thanklessly set your gifts free, Mrs. Obama, Malia, Natasha, and I are grateful for this bounty you have given us.  The White House kitchen is ready to prepare your gift for our family and guests, this Thanksgiving. Thank you.

Historically, few options were available to cooking a Thanksgiving turkey. Today, however, Americans have an increasing number of options to choose from–cooking over a fire, smoking, deep frying, roasting covered or uncovered in a gas or electric oven, or even ordering a complete meal from the grocery store.

After more than three decades of roasting a turkey in an indoor oven, we tried something new last year. Avadian's Deep Fried Thanksgiving Turkey Videos on YouTube

We deep friend a turkey, thanks to my co-author, Eric Riddle, who agreed to break in his deep fryer stored in his garage for a dozen years.

It was such a FUN time with family and friends, we shot a series of short videos that will help you prepare your own turkey. The fourteen videos start from cleaning and brining your turkey to measuring the correct amount of oil and which kind to removing a crisp-on-the-outside and tender-on-the-inside Thanksgiving turkey.

Choose among these short one-minute YouTube videos for a delectable deep-fried turkey this Thanksgiving. Click on the image or on the link for an overview of the videos: Brenda Avadian’s Deep Fried Thanksgiving with friends and family .

Our world is a different place than it was when I was a child four-and-a-half decades ago. Families are geographically widespread–from one end of the continent to another. This means families find friends with whom to share holiday traditions.

While caring for my father, this is what my husband and I did. We found refuge in sharing holidays with fellow caregivers who understood what we were going through. We hosted holiday gatherings with other caregivers and what a joy it was. Click to read about one of these experiences: How about celebrating with your caregiving family? 


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