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Support group

Posted by Josie

does anyone have any great ideas on starting and running a caregivers' support group for dialysis patients? Thanks.
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Here are some tips on starting a support group:

1.    Do some online research.  See if there is a national organization that offers tips, how-to guides, or a group starter kit.  A lot of these organizations offer free resources with aids to start a support group.

2.    Find a few others who would like to start a care giving support group in your community. Once you have a few people on board, start creating buzz in your community by sending out emails or handing out flyers.  From there you can collect information of people whole would like to join your group.

3.    Find a meeting place and set a time.  You might want to look into a local library, community center, hospital or church.  Make sure to set chairs up in a circle rather than a lecture set-up.

4.    Create a purpose or a mission statement for your group as well as a name.  

5.    Have your first meeting!

6.    Make sure to delegate the work and responsibly of the group so that your support group meets regularly and is running properly.   


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