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Super hang! Wes send best lens 31 + 6 + 6 key moment gave KD

Posted Jan 21 2013 2:40am
Thunder on the road and the mavericks on a hassle, wes block cut down 31 points and 6 rebounds, 6 assists data. In the first half of his state is very hot, but in the second half, he shot only 30% overtime the contribution to the three points. Final thunder to a 117-114 victory over the Dallas difficult. Thunder was in last season and the playoffs Nike Shox R6 against swept across the opponent, the road is also against the mavs since the playoffs last season to first guest war calf. In the playoffs against the mavericks two away games, wes block performance are struggling, averaging only 16 points the account, and shooting only 35.5%, and the other session last season's playoffs brook averaging 23.8 points can be obtained. Today wes block has a chance to prove whether or not his GuZhu Dallas. Wes block style has been advocating violence aesthetics, but today's game he seems to be a lot of strong convergence of elements, increased more QiaoJin, this also let his personal attack looks not only clever, and many more aesthetic feeling. Such as the first half of a fast break opportunity, wes block processing is more skillful than before a lot of. In the process of watching him behind jilt situation, while thinking about how to complete this attack wave, final wes brook choose the layup, and no dunk. If he wants to buckle words, and there is no one to defend the basket is the best time. But wes brook Nike Shox Dream no "show" intentions. Due to the mavericks perimeter defense is loose, so wes block also consciously in cosco distance make moves, but the general shooting. From the statistics to see, in 5 foot range of range, wes block release is 6 throw in all. The first half last attack wave of thunder durant shot a, have never thought wes block uplift fight in the air, he make super stagnation, show the amazing ability to hang, during wes block with his left hand, right hand and then will rebound grabbed the ball to throw! In the field as a commentator's Jeff van gundy incredibly to wes block into a pile of praise, the lens were also to today's best lens. See from the first half, wes block is to reverse the last two times in American arena bad record signs, but such prosperity insist before long, the second half wes block is Lou farcing, mobile warfare, he feel cold up nine shots, only three, lost in the first half of the high efficiency. In the university and senior KeLiSen dialogue, wes block also gradually fall wind, Dallas and so the game slowly reverse, and eventually forced into overtime. Overtime stage durant controlled the game, and wes block on one side act as assistant also contributed 3 points, finally in Nike Shox R2 durant play the thunder 117-114 win. Another data is the key moment of the number of shooting, plus today's ten shots, durant in this critical moment 52 shots hit the ball, shooting up to 5 into this season, durant was shooting 52.5%, the key moment efficiency is also the season averaging level, but in all key moment hit at least twenty ball player, durant shot ranked second, only time inside player - AL Jefferson, even Mayo, lebron can only candidly admit defeat. In fact from last season, durant is shown the key moment of the killer instinct, the season 120 shots at the critical moment 47, he stands at the first league goals mobile warfare. Life and death moment (conventional time or overtime last 24 seconds, a ball decided), durant a total of 7 for 19, seven mobile warfare goals, force pressure Ross, carmelo Anthony, Paul, is also the first league. Today overtime last 16 seconds, his life and death the ball directly kill the mavericks finally rally hope, these, enough to prove durant is now the most horrible killer in the league, not even one. Dallas today at home against thunder, the former array cuhk striker dirk nowitzki continue to start the game, the play he forty points 42 seconds, in the first 11 shot only 2 of the case, the fourth quarter (12 points) and total overtime to 15 points, the 5 for 19 get and points and nine Nike Shox R3 rebounds, unfortunately, carter last three points at the mavericks finally lost 114-117. The fourth quarter 3 points 26 seconds, nowitzki no ball movement to the left front 45 degree Angle in the 3 point line step, teammate's pass to immediately. Catch a ball, nowitzki do not pause immediately make moves, basketball somebody hit the basket, this is his this section get 10 points. The mavericks from behind the most 14 points, to now become leading 3 points. Nowitzki state continues to recover, though he's averaging (13.7 points) still unable with the previous level, however, but his confidence in ascension.
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