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Sundowning Syndrome, Anxiety in Elderly Alzhemer's Patients

Posted Jul 12 2012 12:00am
Sundowning is a big problem for Alzheimer's caregivers. Patients can get aggressive and very disruptive

Sundowning Syndrome and Alzheimers
I found this research study interesting. I say this because I learned it is easier to deal with a problem and solve a problem if you first learn what is causing the problem. Understanding the cause of a problem provides a foundation on which a caregiver can build -- a necessary frame of reference.

Late day, early evening, anxiety and agitation is somewhat common in early dementia patients. The problem is often associated with "sundown" or the time before a person would normally go to bed. Time of year and length of day can make a difference.

This research interests me because "sundowning" usually comes in a pattern. Around the same time of day.

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New research provides the best evidence to date that the late-day anxiety and agitation sometimes seen in older institutionalized adults, especially those with dementia, has a biological basis in the brain.

The findings could help explain “sundowning,” a syndrome in which older adults show high levels of anxiety, agitation, general activity and delirium in late afternoon and evening, before they would normally go to bed.

Continued Reading and Learn More About This Syndrome
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