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Posted by Grammy Seitz

what do u fdo for a sprain for your finger?
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Hello, Sorry to hear that you sprained your finger. A sprain is usually defined as an injury to the ligaments that connect one bone to the next. Our doctor has an easy way to remember what to do. R - I - C - E R - Rest the limb that was injured. Try to limit movements for a few days. So if you injured a finger on your right hand, you will want to try doing more things with your left hand for a few days. I - Ice the injured area to prevent swelling. Put ice or a cold compress on the area as soon as you are injured and then again up to 4 times a day for 10 minutes each time for the next 48 hours. C - Compression - Use an elastic wrap or bandage. Make it snug but not too tight. E - Elevation - Raise your hand above the level of your heart whenever possible to prevent swelling. After about two days of limiting use of your injured finger and doing the other things above, you can start to use it again, gently. Be careful about the use of over the counter pain relievers like Tylenol or Advil. Both have serious side effects when taken too frequently. And, if your finger is still really bothering you after doing everything above for two to three days, please check with your doctor. You might have broken your finger but not know it. Best to you, CK Wilde
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