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Spending Quality Time with Each Child

Posted May 01 2009 10:36pm

Yes, I know this is common sense but for many families with more than one child sometimes it doesn’t necessarily hit you. Spending quality time with each child individually really is important, not only because they get to see you and you only but to get to know them better. Sure during the day you spend time with them all and you talk with each one one-by-one but it isn’t the same.



The hubby and I spoke over the weekend and we decided we were going to start dating our children. Umm, okay wrong term but follow along and you’ll understand. In other words, this weekend he wanted to see X-Men and so did our oldest who is 12. This was the perfect opportunity for the two of them to hang out together, without anyone else tagging along. They had a blast too, even if they said the movie was nothing like the book. On the way there a car full of girls pulled up and my son got to do a bit of flirting. When they came through the door both had smiles on their faces.

Next week dad is taking the oldest girl, she’s 8 to go see Hannah Montana. Sorry but that’s one I’ll pass up on. I’m taking her to see 17 again in a few weeks. Our younger daughter, she’s 5 already got to see a movie with daddy and our youngest, who’s 2 spends alone time every night with daddy.

As for me, I tend to do my “shopping” with my oldest since he’s getting into the “Coupon Game” and my 5-year-old does things with me all the time. I don’t think I have to tell you I spend quality time with the youngest.

So how does one spend quality time with their child individually? Simple answer is make a date and stick with it. Do something they love to do, not just you. If they like pottery go to a pottery class together, they like movies go watch one, etc. You could even just hang out throughout the day or on a weekend and dedicate a certain day or hour with them where they can decide what movie to watch at home, tv show to tune into or even a board game for the two of you to play.

- Board games: Battle ship, Would you Rather, Stratego, etc.
- Card games: teach them solitare, Go Fish, War, Old Maid or try building a castle out of cards and see how high you get.
- Build a model/birdhouse/race car
- make a garden
- run a marathon/race together

As you can see there is plenty you can do and as long as you schedule it there shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure all the children know the plan though so no one feels left out. Maybe make a calendar and mark their days so they can actually see it. I hope this helps you find that individual time you need with your child.

Post from: Blisstree

Spending Quality Time with Each Child

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