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Snorting Smarties?

Posted Apr 13 2009 11:38pm

Yes, believe it or not kids are now snorting Smarties (the candy). What’s worse is it is on Youtube for all to see and the girls that are in the video thought they were being funny. Do you think it is funny? If this was your child what would you do?

IMG: The Life of a Home Mom

IMG: The Life of a Home Mom

It seems the kid is in class, using a tampon holder the girl first breaks up her smarties until they are dust and then proceeds to snort the smartees. What do you think? Yes, I do know this is just sugar but watch that video and tell me what you find more disturbing in it?

By the way this isn’t the only Snorting Smarties video there. A google search comes up with 8,270 for snorting smarties. There are a ton of kids doing this and posting their videos online thinking it is funny. Mom and dad would be so proud. NOT.

(I first read about this over at )

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