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Signs of Elder Abuse

Posted Jul 13 2012 6:36am

scary house Abuse can be a difficult issue to tackle but it is absolutely necessary that we find ways of recognizing abuse of the elderly. The occurrences of elderly abuse in the United States has taken a toll on senior care professions as well as victimized residents.

A study performed by the National Center on Elderly Abuse in 2004 compiled alarming information on the seriousness and common occurrences of elderly abuse.

National Elder Abuse Facts

There are 190,000+ reports of elderly abuse every year in the United States, 560,000+ Unsubstantiated Reports.

Self Neglect reports in 2004 reached over 88,000+ cases in the United States.

  • 65.4% of all abuse is caused by family members and intimate partners.
  • Elderly Abuse was perpetrated by Adult children 32.6% of all elderly abuse cases
  • Intimate partners were identified in 11.3% of abuse cases.
  • Other family members were responsible for 21.5% of all elderly abuse
  • Unknown individuals were responsible for 16.3% of substantiated abuse reports.

Most Common people to report abuse on seniors

  • 25.1% of all abuse is reported by a caregiver, nurse or physician
  • 25% is reported by family members and friends of the victim
  • 49% is reported by others who remain anonymous or are self reported

Preventing Violence and Neglect in Seniors
Recognizing abuse of the elderly can be very hard if the victim is unresponsive to questioning or does not retain the communication ability to report abuse. One must go the extra mile to question, observe and become a professional in recognizing the abuse of the elderly.

Tips for Discovering Elder Abuse

Physical Signs of Elder Abuse
These 5 signs of elder abuse can help when recognizing abuse of the elderly.

  • Unexplained Bruises ( pay attention to injury location, injuries on both sides of a body would not indicate a fall)
  • Reoccurring injuries with odd explanations
  • Changes in personality
  • Changes in everyday behavior
  • Marks on wrists, legs, neck or pelvis (Any marks indicating restraints have been used)

Financial Signs of Elder Abuse
5 Signs of elder abuse when referring to financial exploitation

  • Missing Checkbooks and Credit Cards
  • Unexplained withdrawals
  • Drastic changes in power of attorney, will or financial documents
  • Bills that have gone unpaid or paid very late
  • Purchases and withdrawals from strange locations. Ex. how did Mom get all the way across town without a license or transportation, then withdrawal $100?

Signs of Neglect
5 quick signs of neglect can help you determine if your family member or friend is not getting the quality care they need.

  • Constant need for outside medical care due to infection or missed medication
  • Weight loss, malnutrition symptoms or nutritional deficiencies
  • Neglected and unsafe living conditions.
  • Understaffed or inattentive staff
  • Untreated health problems

All of us at Your Senior Care Network hope our advice will help you identify and prevent the horrible occurrences of elderly abuse by using our tips for recognizing abuse of the elderly.

Article by: Kyle Q. Murphy

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