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She’s Going to Kindergarten

Posted Apr 27 2009 10:36pm

I’m not sure how I feel yet, today I officially signed up BabyGirl for Kindergarten. Honestly, had we still lived in NC then she would’ve already been going but due to her birthday falling one day shy of the cut-off she was not allowed to start out here. Kind of silly but it kept her here with me for an extra year and I loved it.

IMG:  The Life of a Home Mom

IMG: The Life of a Home Mom

The only real problem with this, besides my own sentimental self will be her brother, Little A. Over the past years they’ve been side-by-side and now it is to the point where he copies everything she does. When the bus pulled in front of the school she told her brother she would soon be getting on the bus and going to school. Honestly I have no clue if he understood but he started saying, “NO, NO, No.” Very loudly.

Later, I was playing (well attempting to get him to play a game online. It had virtual characters and I made it look like his sister since when she woke up it would be her character for the game anyways. He got upset, I’d never seen this before. He started crying and saying her name, then he got off my lap and went looking for her. Apparently he thought she was somehow in the computer in the game. When he found her he yelled her name and pushed on her until she woke up. When she did he hugged her tight. I never thought he’d react this way and felt horrible. This will be one game he NEVER plays again. But it shows me he’s going to have a bit of a hard time when she leaves him.

Back to her, she’s excited as can be. Of course she’s nervous and asked if I’d be at the bus stop when she boarded and got off. This made me smile, later she told me, “Mommy this means I can make you stuff and you won’t know until I show you.” Okay, so it has its promising parts.

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