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[quote] don't be silly, people don't care about you

Posted Feb 24 2012 4:52am

 1, do not always think somebody else, in their heart, you really don't deserve it

2, don't always see somebody else's dynamic, even if you tired, the family also ignore

3, don't always want to somebody else, even if you pay out in many, the family also won't cry

4, don't have paid attention to the somebody else, people don't know what has regard you as a alternative

5, don't tie up the somebody else, the somebody else will say: you are too tired, I still tired

Six, don't hate the somebody else, you nothing let somebody else aftertaste, even if you apart

7, don't harm the unpleasant, to punish the somebody else right

8, don't always over-confident estimates in the heart of his family status, know to see how you but after the truth

9, don't blindly follow the somebody else's thinking, the somebody else will say you will learn with others

10, don't old Chou somebody else what wrong, came up and ask why change, people will think you not worthy, old asking what ah, you when you are who

11, not somebody else to crush you exhaustion of body and mind, waiting for you to regret, don't know you once flowed on how much tears

12, don't worry about somebody else, the somebody else won't be gratified

13, don't fantasy the somebody else all day, somebody else if know will certainly nausea

14, don't patronize the somebody else space, do not know the people which sentence form for your life and death difficult to believe

15, don't always want to and the somebody else to talk, the somebody else a word always let you finish, and somebody else is when the water off a duck's back, not realize, in somebody else's eyes I was a play coupling and with, happy to play play out, and the mood is bad the let's play side, gas will to let's hair

16, don't underestimate oneself, the somebody else how the "noble", let's many "low", and in the end, still don't know who is not worthy! Not done oneself amorous, the reality is so, wake up      supra TK Society     Women Supra Skytops Shoe


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