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predicted that there will be insects

Posted Mar 22 2013 3:36am

DPS for both hands and fury felt powerful enough in the quick test run I managed. I took my worgen to Zul'Gurub and got some efforts in on Venoxis and did
some collection PvP on my blood elf. I noticed that Rallying Cry didn't seem to perform right around enough time we passed away after I used it. It's to be predicted that there will be insects and inadvertent problems in a PTR, that's why we have them, after all. I can say that the game play for all three enthusiast specifications seems relatively the same, even with the decrease in stuns for PvP hands strikes quite difficult and can entice more successfully now with Enhanced Hamstring muscle. It's not perfect, but it proved helpful in a few duels and the huge Group vs Partnership free for all that developed outside of Orgrimmar for some purpose.
Sadly, with these predicted insects comes the difficulty in really understanding exactly what the changes are doing to the category. If Rallying Cry proved helpful, it probably would have avoided a clean. Since it didn't, I really can't evaluate it.
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