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Pink Or White Or…? Colors for Prom Dresses

Posted Mar 02 2011 7:25am

There are a variety of dresses for prom in different colors, whether they are pink and white, which can make you look stunning. All styles are based on the shape of your body, which can leave the people either impressed or in awe. Also, the cuts in your dress help to determine whether the dress would either accentuate the more attractive parts evening dresses   of your body and personality or end up highlighting the more sensitive areas that you would rather prefer to hide. And at the same time, the color of your dress has a big role to play in deciding whether you would look stunning or boring during the rest of the evening. Which color suits you the most depends mostly on your skin tone, personality and body shape?
Here are some colors, which have been chosen as the best ranking amongst all colors for prom dresses by experts:
Black: Black has always been considered cheap evening dresses   classic for all dress styles, including prom dresses by designers and experts. It has been ranked as the top choice of color for many years, and is expected to remain in the top 10 colors for many years to come. The best part about black is that it suits everyone, and all events, including formal ones. It helps plus size girls look much slender in shape, and it matches with almost every accessory and event. Your date for the prom can wear a black suit along with a burgundy tie, and it will go perfectly with your own black prom dress.

White: White has always been compared with the effect of black, and plays a major role in establishing fashion trends. White is mostly preferred by brides, and also by Quincenera’s and Sweet 16 Gals. White basically highlights the come of age effect, the period of transition in a woman’s life, and at the same time makes you look  prom dresses  simple, pure and graceful. White prom dresses has always been preferred by UK girls for their proms. Blue: Blue has become one of the most popular colors for prom dresses since the past few years. Even though the popularity of blue was mostly confined to bridesmaid’s dresses, but since last year, it has become a major hit for prom nights. Blue goes along very well, especially if you have colored eyes, and goes with any skin tone from pale white to dark skins.

Pink: Pink has always been related as the symbol of Feminism world over. Pink brings out the more affectionate, sympathetic and understanding aspects of your personality, and goes great with a variety of skin colors. Pink prom dress is usually preferred for Long Prom Dresses  formal events, including prom nights.

Red: Red has always been considered to be a vibrant color and brings out the girl inside you out. According to online surveys, the color red for prom dresses was the color most searched online as compared to other colors. Red is a great color, if you really want to attract and be the center of attraction during the evening. Red makes you look adventurous and mirrors your mood to party out all evening.

Green: While green prom dresses haven’t really been a popular choice amongst girls for prom nights, but at the same time it helps you get noticed, and be the target of attention. And if you wear it nicely, it will expose the more glamorous side of your personality.
There are other colors that are worn and are quite popular amongst prom evenings, but the ones listed above leave a mark that would last for many years to come. Dresses for prom come in a variety of colors, including pink prom dresses, white prom dresses, and also in shades of purple and turquoise, but you need to select one which suit you the most.

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