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One Step One Goal

Posted Jan 30 2013 9:30am

It’s almost the end of the month. What one step have you taken with one goal?

“Yeah, yeah,” you say, “It’s only another year and a new month on the calendar.”

Well, you’re right. It is. But it still is a popular milestone–like celebrating your birthday.

For the rest of us, what step did you take to move closer to ONE of your goals?

I’m willing to be held publicly accountable for 5 goals for 2013. 

They are listed below with a brief progress report in italics. As you read a few of my goals, realize all it takes is ONE STEP toward ONE GOAL.

We’re about to start the second month of the year. Will you join me?

  1. Bring you a more user-friendly website and newsletter.
    Roberto Robles of SD Internet Marketing is helping me create our 4th generation website since 1998.  Once we make a little more headway, I’ll post the link to my Facebook page for your review and comments. I am also considering a new logo to go with that new website. What do you think of Jessie Phillips’ (Jessie Design) initial concepts? Click on New Logo for TCV and let me know which design concept you like best.
  2. Clear out 25% more of the clutter in my home office to free up more time to spend with people.
    You’d be surprised how our clutter can be a toxic roadblock. My clutter consists of mostly paperwork, magazines, and books. This is the worst kind as it takes hours and days just to get through an inch of this stuff. But it’s time to apply effort once again to eliminate the piles on top of and along the nine boxes in my office. In the last ten years, I’ve reduced my paperwork by a third. (See how slow this is?) Clearing out the clutter (i.e., decades-long accumulated paperwork) makes me feel sooooo much lighter and freer.
  3. Help you manage the clutter in your life with a new book: STUFFology 101: Get Your Mind Out of the Clutter.
    Co-author, Eric Riddle and I are almost finished with our first joint project to be released later this year. It’s 44 years in the making and this week, it becomes one step closer to being real when my long-time book cover designer, Julia Ryan and I talk about STUFFology’s cover.
  4. Speak at more venues this year.
    I am mulling over how exactly to quantify this–free vs. paid, local vs. national, etc.; especially, since speaking engagements are the key source of revenue enabling The Caregiver’s Voice to share knowledge, hope, and support through humor.Mexico in 2006
  5. PERSONAL: Enjoy a tropical island getaway plus two nights in one of those over-the-water bungalows.
    This has been a six-year goal that I am finally able to put in print. It seems so self-serving; yet, it’s one of those things I encourage others to do. So, why not me? Now, I need to decide if this will be a couples’ vacation or a girls’ adventure. Poor hubby, David. ;>

What ONE goal do you have for the year? 

Make it reasonable enough to take steps to achieve it. Together we’ll hold each other accountable. Comment at The Caregiver’s Voice page on Facebook   by posting ONE GOAL and we’ll help each other take ONE STEP.

Don’t wait. Do it now.

Brenda Avadian, MA

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