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On To Pine Cones and Pine Needles

Posted Oct 07 2009 10:03pm
Acorns were falling in huge abundance a week or two ago. Today was very windy, and the pine needles fell like snow, the pine cones dive-bombed all around us. Sitting in the house today, we heard almost continuously all afternoon ... pow! pow! pow! as the pine cones hit the roof.

Our yard is pretty minimalist, meaning we have no grass and not much ground cover (that is, the yard is mostly dirt). The pine trees that surround the yard keep the grass from flourishing. We used to put down mulch every year but discovered that was raising the level of the yard and contributing to the water flooding problems we now have. So, we've left the yard "as is" ever since.

As a result, this time of year, when the pine needles have covered the yard, this is the time it looks best. We are thinking of doing more with the yard after the front walk is rebuilt, but that's still TBD. I bet a comprehensive planting of ground cover would cost a bundle, so we'll probably have to take it slow on that front.

Below is the view out the kitchen window and a few other views of the needles and cones. You can see our yard statuary ... two armadillos and a lion.

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