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No More Lost Eyeglasses: Eyeglass Rescue

Posted Oct 18 2008 12:11pm

By CK Wilde for 3GenFamily Blog.

I came across an old photo of my Mom the other day.

She is standing on the lush lawn in front of my sister’s home, her right arm folded primly across her body.  Hanging from her arm is her trusty handbag. If you have every seen pictures of Queen Elizabeth II of the UK on an outing, you have seen the formal handbag pose.

Mom’s handbag was a treasure trove of necessities for the modern woman — and for my Dad. You see, whenever they went out of errands together, Mom carried the money, bankbooks, receipts, you name it, and Dad’s reading glasses.  He never lost a pair when she was guarding them.

After she died, he resorted to carrying his glasses with case in his shirt pocket. That worked most of the time.  He was fortunate that bank employees and medical receptionists would recognize his glass case on the counter or desk and help him remember to put them in his pocket before leaving.

A Service That Returns Your Glasses

You may already be aware that a quality pair of eyeglasses can cost $300 - $400. Even if you are not on a tight budget, losing your glasses can prevent you from going about your daily business. If you can’t drive without them, how do you get to the doctor for a replacement?

The perfect solution has finally arrived — Eyeglass Rescue!

Eyeglass Rescue tag on a pair of glasses

You attach the tags to the glasses and register your contact information either online or by phone.  That’s it!

When someone finds your glasses, she or he can call the toll free phone number for Eyeglass Rescue to report finding them. Eyeglass Rescue will help the finder return your glasses to you.

Eyeglass Rescue received its first patent in 2004. Since then, the company reports that it has over 25,000 subscribers and has returned more than 4,000 pairs of glasses to their owners.

And, good deeds get rewarded. Eyeglass Rescue sends the finder a thank-you package of merchandise.

You can order tags for your eyeglasses directly from Eyeglass Rescue’s secure order page on their web site ( or from and

While you are at it, maybe you want to order a tag for your glasses. There are even special color tags for your child’s glasses.  It’s a great solution for everyone in your family, including elderly parents.

© 2008 CK Wilde. All Rights Reserved. Please feel free to link to this post but you must have prior written permission to reproduce this post either whole or in part. Please use the comments to request permission.

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