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Music & the Brain

Posted Dec 22 2010 8:06am

Dr. Petr Janata, Neuroscientist, on Music and the Brain

“This is a very exiting time to be working in the field of neuroscience and especially in the area of music and the brain. Although topics such as music or emotion have historically been regarded by the scientific mainstream as frivolous or unworthy of scientific study, there is now a surging interest in understanding how music engages and shapes the brain, as well as the ways in which music can help people whose brain function has been impaired in one way or another….

“As a relative newcomer to the world of translational neuroscience – the term used to describe research that has an explicit goal of converting basic research to clinical interventions as directly as possible – I have found myself contemplating the following question: if music is such an important aspect of people’s lives from the time they are born, why is it that it doesn’t really occur to us, as a society, to provide people with music when they can no longer do what is necessary to provide it for themselves?

Music has power and we need to remember to keep everyone plugged in!”

Petr Janata, PhD
Guggenheim Fellow, UC Davis, Center for Mind and Brain

Music Has Power™ Award Winner

Dr. Petr Janata, Neuroscientist, on Music and the Brain

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