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Mom Could Not Live Alone – Alzheimers

Posted Nov 18 2009 8:22am

Due to her advancing Alzheimer’s, Mary’s  son finally decided mom could no longer live on her own.   Learn more about his home care and assisted living research.

Like many childHome health aide helping womanren who have a parent with Alzheimer’s, it was very hard to watch as his mom slowly declined. The family put off doing anything about it for as long as possible, but the situation turned urgent when John’s mom almost burned the house down after leaving a pot on the stove for several hours.

John spoke to a social worker as well as friends to learn as much about his options as possible.  Here is what he found out:

  1. Nursing homes were out of the question. Besides being very expensive when paying privately, they also tended to be very depressing.
  2. Assisted living seemed like a viable option. The places were new and very pretty. While the costs were not cheap, they were manageable.  John also liked the socialization that assisted living offered along with various activities. The biggest problem was that mom really did not want to leave her home. Additionally, John learned that Alzheimer’s patients usually do better in familiar surroundings, which was obviously her house.
  3. Home care seemed like it may be the best choice.  Pricing again was not cheap, but manageable and it would allow mom to stay at home. While this seemed like the answer, John felt that the activities and socialization would really benefit mom. As a psychologist, he fully realized how important those things were, after all, he did not merely want his mom to exist, he wanted her to thrive as much as possible.
  4. John was introduced to a new model of care called Assisted Living At Home. This combined the best of in-home care and assisted living. It was the perfect answer to his problems.

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