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Posted May 08 2009 11:39pm
I went and visited mum on the weekend. I always leave with mixture of emotions. I feel reassured that she is well cared for and feels safe & loved at the home and I feel a longing to just be with her again. I sometimes feel like a kid again, I just want my mum back, but it's not going to happen...

The hardest part is that she does not recognise me. Before I went in I prepared myself, but it still feels so hard to sit down next to my mother on the lounge and have her look at me like a stranger. No recognition at all. She just smiled politely at me. When I told her who I was she was happy and hugged me.  I am dreading the day that I tell her who I am and it doesn't mean anything to her any more.

What I noticed this time is that her initiative to do things is much less. She now gets up each day and goes and sits in the lounge reading. She will participate in activities but the staff have to come and fetch her and get her set up now. She was much happier this time, but much more passive, waiting to be told what to do next all the time. She is also starting to have more trouble finding words.

We had a really nice time together though. I just took her back to the motel room and we sat and talked while I painted her nails. Then we went for walk, about half a block, to get an ice cream and she was tired at the end of that. I found that after lunch she was falling asleep so our visit was about 5 hours total. 

The good thing was that she remembered some of our last holiday at Christmas. She told me how much she enjoyed it, especially all the animals. 

I feel like the clock is ticking down... I feel very helpless about what is happening, all I can do is make the most of the time we have left together, trying to look after both of us in the process.

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