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Keep Your Feet Warm in Snow

Posted Oct 31 2012 1:28am
1)        Pick a pair of waterproof boots with at least 1,000 grams of Thinsulate. Some of the newer models have 2,000 grams and are ideal for very cold, wet weather. The choice is up to you. The 2,000-gram uggs clearance typically cost twice as much as the lesser-gram boots.2)        Put on wool/polyester blends socks or simply wool socks rather than cotton ones. The right choice depends on your boots. If you opted for the 2,000-gram boots, wear wool/polyester socks; otherwise, use a heavier wool sock. Unlike cotton, even if these socks get wet from your feet sweating, they maintain their insulating abilities.3)        Put in a sock liner. This will add a little more insulation, but mostly acts as a way of routing any perspiration from your foot to the sock. The liner, and therefore your feet, will stay dry.4)        Put foot-warmer packets in your ugg boots clearance. These are air-activated so they won't overheat your feet as the weather warms up.5)        Put on a snow gator, which wraps around your leg above your boot to keep snow out. The best boots and best socks won't keep your feet warm if snow gets inside Tips:If you don't want to buy new uggs clearance, but yours don't have much or any Thinsulate protection, there are some socks that can greatly improve warmth and keep water away. Many of these are two layers thick: One layer keeps your feet warm and another keeps moisture off.
Cotton socks will make your feet sweat, which will make your socks wet and thus make your feet feel cold.

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