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I love his spirit. He went to th ...

Posted Aug 14 2009 10:50pm

I love his spirit. He went to the bedroom to get his book and returned with an empty water glass but no book.

As he came down the hall, he was pleased with himself, “There, that’s done.”

Mission accomplished in his mind. I do love this dear man who does not deserve this awful disease, course, no one does.

I wonder and hope that someday Alzheimer’s will be curable, maybe not in our life time but hopefully.

We are having a quiet evening. He wouldn’t agree to eat a “real dinner” so I made ham sandwiches. Tried to get a salad into him but no way. The great thing is, probably in an hour or so, I will set a salad down before him and he’ll eat it.

Incredibly, he remembers my ordeal (2 days ago) sitting on the john for hours – it’s quite amazing as usually anything recent is gone immediately. My Sis always says he remembers anything really good or really bad.

Just now I suggested he put his reading lamp on. He fumbled around for a moment and I told him it’s easier to stand up to reach under the shade. “Work, work, work,” then he smiled.

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