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Humor has been listed as a stres ...

Posted May 22 2009 6:23pm
Humor has been listed as a stress reducer. I often use jokes or funny stories as a distraction from everyday trials. Of course there are times when this is not appropriate. I can't think of them now, but rest assured I have experienced them, which LATER makes for an even more entertaining story.

In long term care I have found humor to be essential! Maintain your sense of humor and try not to take daily challenges too seriously.

Enjoy your holiday weekend - laugh often.

Happy Friday
Wendy Finch

Alcohol Stories...
Hard alcohol is the only thing you put in your body that actually comes with a story. It's like this: Image
"You want some tequila?"
"No, dude, the last time I had that...."
It doesn't happen with anything else.
"Do you want some jelly beans?"
"No. The last time I had jelly beans, I ended up with my pants around my ankles, face down in the mall. Seriously, dude, I can't even smell the black ones. Just get them out of here."

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Bar Joke
A man was sitting at the bar in a watering hole whose selling point was that it was on top of the largest skyscraper in town. Another man walks in and asks the bartender for a Jack Daniel's. He downs it, and then takes a running leap out the window. Much to everybody's surprise, he floats back up and climbs through the window back into the bar.

The man at the bar is amazed and asks the man how he did it.

"Easy," says the man. "Outside this window are some very strong wind currents which can carry you back to the window."

"Wow," says the man at the bar. "I gotta try this." He takes a running leap out the window and falls to a horrible, bloody, and flat death.

"Geez, Superman," says the bartender. "You can be a real a jerk when you're drunk."

This Week's Quote...
"Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it."
~Bill Cosby CEUs for senior care professionals · Staff training for caregivers · Caregiver job applications right to your inbox
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