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How much does it cost to have a liver transplant in India ?

Posted Nov 23 2012 11:18am

There are a number of reasons behind the liver failure. When it happens, toxins start to develop in the human body. These poisonous substances can lead to brain clot, coma and death. Once the liver has damaged entirely, several people's only resort is to go for a liver transplant. Stated below are some of the instructions that will answer your doubts more clearly:

Dr. A. S. Soin is bet Liver Transplant Surgeon in India


Operation :

A liver transplant is really the method of getting the damaged organ out of one body and putting a healthy organ in the body. Suppose the liver surgery is done successfully, the new body organ will start filtering the poisonous substances out of your blood again. Liver operations are performed at very expensive prices, not only because the transplant is unsafe, however also because several other factors can multiply to the treatment cost. Some of the factors include the drug required to allow your body to accept the new liver. And the treatment that will be needed if the operation ends being more complex than your physician expects.

History :

In 1967, the first liver surgery was executed, however no one did not live on until the 1980's, when a drug named cyclosporine was discovered to maintain the physical structure from rejecting the new liver. And at that time, procedures were revealed that would maintain a liver “alive” and available up to 24 hours after the genuine donor died. At present, more than 35,000 patients have had reliable liver transplants. But, this is a risky method, and constantly enhances your transplant cost.

Importance :

Just keep in mind when you have a liver transplant, your physical condition is permanently changed. Naturally, not opting for a transplant and trying to use a damaged liver will also undergo major transplants, thus this is not inevitably a valid reason to avoid a transplant. But, when you are budgeting about how much a transplant will exactly cost, be careful to add the factors in theliver transplant costof sustaining your new liver.

Misconceptions :

Several patients think that the actual cost of a liver transplant is not affordable and is extremely high. However, the exact cost of the transplant is between 10 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs, relying upon how long you pay in intensive care and what healthy conditions happen during transplant. Still, one must not consider that these are the only cost just keep in mind the above mentioned factors too.


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