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how do scientist know that a newborn baby is color blind for the first 4 to 6 months of their lives?

Posted by j.ladybug@yahoo

ok so im in the 8th grade and today my teacher was talking about how babies are color blind well i would just likie to know how the heck can a doctor know that for sure without the baby telling him that in the first place i mean its not like the baby can drive to the doctor and say "Wasup doc i think i might be color blind" that's crazy talk. So if anyone has the answer to my questin please reply asap.

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Scientists use a few different ways to see if a baby can distinguish between colors. One is to show the baby the same color on a computer screen. Then, when he baby gets bored, the scientist switches the color to see if the new color will grab the baby's attention.

Another way is to use cameras that follow the baby's eye movements when the scientist shows the baby two colors side by side. The camera tracks which color the baby looks at longer.

Now, you are right that the baby of 4 to 6 months can't say, "I like that blue square." So the scientists are inferring that the baby sees color based on what they seem to like to look at.

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