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how can I get the classes need to starts assist living unit

Posted by helpisontheway

I Can some one tell me what is need to start it on my own.want to start an assist living unit in my home, but I do not know how2 

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It is difficult to give you a complete answer because the laws on assisted living vary a lot from state to state.

My Dad was in assisted living in New Jersey. NJ has some strict rules about how a facility is supposed to operate. California also has some strict rules.

The best place to start is to find the Assisted Living Association in your state by using Google. Read everything they have about assisted living in your state. What licenses are required?

Also google "assisted living management training in (your state). Here is an example of training required by the state of Maryland.

Next, find a few assisted living facilities in your area. Can you get a job working in their office or with the residents so that you can get some first hand experience before you invest money to equip your home for a paying customer?

And, finally, are you ready to run your own business? You may need a city business license in addition to any state facility licenses. Your house may not be zoned for a business so you will need to apply for a variance.

Your home may need to pass a fire and safety inspection. Do you have the money to retrofit your home to comply with fire and safety regulations? 

All of these things will need to be done before you can welcome your first resident. 

Small assisted living facilities, similar to care homes for the disabled,  are starting to appear in the US. They have the advantage of being more like home and offering the residents more personal care. I commend you on want to try this.

Best to you!


Thank You CKW you have given me the best information and I will start looking in to it first thing tomorrow. Thanks again
Thank you CKW you have given me the best information and I will look in to it first thing tomorrow. Thanks again
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