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Home Care in Houston, Texas - At Your Side Home Care

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:13pm

Donna Wrabel, MSW, is co-owner and operator ofAt Your Side Home Carewith husband of twenty-five years, Rick Wrabel. At Your Side Care is a licensed home care agency by the State of Texas.

Two years ago they decided to put their marriage partnership to the test and buy a business both felt drawn to, serving seniors. Donna and Rick Wrabel's shared goal is to help elders remain safe and independent while living in their own home. A goal many seniors and elders crave to accomplish.

Donna Wrabel gives great tips that are useful when selecting a home care agency and interviewing a hired caregiver:

Click here to listen...

Donna is a licensed Social Worker and raised 2 sons. Out of her experience of mothering and caring for her sons she often wonders why families don't treat elder care with the same dedication and energy we use on caring for children! What a thought and great observation. Why do we feel helpless when it comes to caring for our elders? And why do many family caregivers and adult children take on passive roles when dealing with parent care as opposed to the empowerment we thrive on when raising our children! Thank you, Donna, for bringing that to our attention! I have a thought about that and will give you my opinion later in this post.

How Donna and Rick came about deciding on a home care businss was initiated by caring for Rick's grandparents. They found it difficult navigating through resources and locating quality care for them. So, they decided to do something about the lack of quality care in the industry and provide for families and elders what they had trouble locating... good, reliable care for someone you love.

Donna has learned over the years what is most useful when matching up a caregiver to the senior needing home care. Steps Donna applies to her business was learned over the years of marriage:

1. She and Rick, her husband, are a true match.

2. She applies this learned intuition (with Rick) to families and their loved ones when matching them to a caregiver.

3. She and Rick thoroughly screen the caregivers they hire.

But out of her experience, Donna talks about using intuition as a guide to help in her business. I agree with Donna. And believe most family caregivers and adult children have not learn to trust their own instincts when it comes to elder care. I think we take on that passive role... too many times.

Other tips Donna Wrabel gives to families when evaluating home care agencies:

1. Make sure they are licensed by the state.

2. Look for family owned businesses, this feature alone insures they understand the importance of family connection.

3. Who's in charge? Is the owner/operator an expert in the elder care industry?

4. Make sure the agency employees an RN or Social Worker, better yet, is the agency operated by one?

5. Pick an agency who's owner gets personally involved in the process.

Thank you, Donna and Rick. These tips are useful and many family caregivers will learn how to better care for their aging relative when applying them.

Contact Donna and Rick Wrabel at 713-337-1133 or send Rick an email

As for the passive involvement... it's my opinion that we behave this way because we still view ourselves as the child of the elder and having that perception limits our responsibility of caring for them.

My best,
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