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Here’s to Hoping Thoughts Become Things

Posted May 31 2009 10:39pm

I really should live here … at the beach. I’m going to think some positive thoughts, do the whole visualization thing. I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction. I just have to schedule time to think those wonderful, soothing, positive thoughts of what I truly want. You know, because thoughts become things.

photo-2 I credit that positive thinking for freeing me of the chokehold PR had on me, and helping me find my salvation by writing again.

I know I’m not suppose to visualize my path to my dreams…I’m supposed to focus on the goal and the universe will direct me down the road to reach my dreams. But just in case the universe needs a nudge, I thought I’d help things out by buying a lottery ticket. We don’t have a lottery in Alabama. We prefer to vote the notion down and drive across the border to Tennessee, Georgia or Florida and give our money to help their school systems for our chance to win millions.


photo-1 Rick and I would only need about $20 million to be comfortable. That would give us a pretty decent place right on the edge of the water. Rick could quit his TV job and pursue a political consulting career from the beach. I would strive to be like Diane Keeton in As Good As It Gets – sitting at my computer in front of a window that looks out on the beach. Except I would be working on some girlie novel rather than a screenplay. (The only similarities between Rick and Jack Nicholson would be that inverted V-shaped eyebrow he has…and their love for the Lakers.) We’d enroll Truman in Palm Tree Elementary or whatever and we would eat fresh seafood every single night of our lives, which surely would mean I’d lose weight, too.

Oh, and we’d keep a home in Birmingham. We’d need a place to escape when hurricane season hit.

So I’m going to concentrate on communicating my beach house dream to the universe while my family and I frolic on the beach this week. And I’ll spend about $5 on lottery tickets, because if we move to Florida we would benefit from the revenue those ticket sales generate anyway. And I’m feeling lucky. So let me know if you want me to discuss any of your dreams with the universe while I’m at it. Who knows, we could be beach house neighbors someday.

Photos, JWJourney

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Post from: Blisstree

Here’s to Hoping Thoughts Become Things

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