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Hello, I am looking for symptoms of what occurs during the final stage of life with Ovarian Cancer?

Posted by Patti

My Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer 4 years ago.  Surgery, Numerous bouts of Chemo, Clinical Trial, Many problems with cysts and all cancer not removed.  Depression, not eating or drinking led to hospitalization.  Now is experiencing distended stomach, throwing up, constipation and won't go to Hospital until she moves her bowels on her own.  Taking Mirolax to try to help with this.  I am worried that the ascites will just keep building.  At the last doctor visit, she was to weak to undergo any further Chemo treatments.  

I am looking to see what it will be like for her at the final time.  She has fought for us and is 66 years old.  This has surely taken a toll on her, and am not sure if there are other things they will do for her or if she will be told this is it.  

I know everyone is different, I just need to be prepared. I myself was experienced a Borderline low musincous tumor 2 years ago and went thru surgery. 

I welcome any input on things I need to expect.  Thank you  

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Hi Patti,

I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. You are right that every person is different. It would be a mistake for me to give you a list of issues that could happen. Your Mom's experience could be totally different.

For example, my Mom had a massive heart attack but her symptoms were vomiting and diarrhea. At the time it was not widely known that women's heart symptoms were different from men's.

There is a wonderful support network -- the Cancer Survivors Network --run by the American Cancer Society. You can sign in and get support from other women who are surviving ovarian cancer or are supporting a family member with it.

A number of the women in the CSN say that doctors can't predict how a person will survive.  So, don't rely on their predictions.

I can understand that your Mom may not want to go to the hospital if she thinks that she can deal with her issue on her own. If she hasn't been eating a lot of foods with fiber and drinking water, constipation can be a real problem.

If she is taking pain medicine or antidepressants, they can cause constipation, too. If you have a good relationship with her regular doctor, you can call to get his/her opinion.

Your Mom may need help with preparing really nutritious foods. The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen cookbook by Rebecca  Katz has terrific ratings on

What I discovered  with my Dad is that even the Hospice nurse who had 30 years experience could not predict how things would go with my Dad. The key is to take one day at a time and to surround yourselves with as much support for your Mom and you as you can.

Hope this helps.

Best to you,

CK Wilde
3GenFamily Blog 


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