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hai my brother in law have Aplastic Anemia. What bettter food he have to eat and how to take care, thank you

Posted by mohammad Setiawan

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Dear Mohammad,

Aplastic anemia is a condition where the person's bone marrow stops producing blood cells. This is a very serious condition and requires medical care.

It can be difficult for the doctor to determine what caused it. Exposure to high doses of radiation or chemotherapy, exposure to toxic chemicals in pesticides and insecticides especially benzene, use of certain drugs and an autoimmune response can all cause aplastic anemia.

If the cause is toxic chemicals or certain drugs, your brother-in-law will have to avoid those chemicals altogether or risk having the aplastic anemia return.

If the cause is determined to be an autoimmune response, he may be treated with medications to moderate his immune system.

He may need a bone marrow transplant.

Aplastic anemia is very different from iron deficiency anemia or vitamin deficiency anemia which require better nutrition. In fact, some vitamins and herbal preparations could interfere with the treatments for aplastic anemia.

Your brother-in-law's doctor will tell him what he should or should not eat depending on his treatment. 

Best to you,

CK Wilde 

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